Xtreme Pursuits Underwater Snorkel Mask (2017 Edition) **LOW STOCK**

Please Ensure You Have The Correct Size (Charts Below) as we cannot provide refunds/exchanges on Snorkels due to hygiene reasons.

Quick, only a few more available! Limit 8 per customer.

The main reason why people don’t enjoy snorkeling is the difficulty of breathing underwater through the snorkel mouth piece as well as having to bite this hard which feels unnatural, and the snorkel mouthpiece can be awkward, uncomfortable and can cause water to get in your mouth easily, until now!!

The Xtreme Pursuits full face snorkel mask is the first full-face snorkeling mask in the world allowing you to breathe just as easily and naturally when snorkeling, through the nose and mouth. Corals and bright fish are crystal clear, there is less fog due to breathing in a separate chamber and it is so so comfortable you could snorkel for hours! This innovative mask provides a large and clear 180° field of vision and is prevented from excessive fogging up by a patented dual air flow system, identical to the ones found in domestic extraction fans! Do keep in mind every snorkel mask on the planet fogs to an extent. This is normal and we advise a quick spit and rinse before snorkeling to prevent this or an anti-fog spray for the best results possible :)

To stop water re-entering the snorkel, our full face snorkel mask is equipped with a special mechanism that seals the top of the snorkel when it is submerged in water so you do not inhale the water or get any water in your mouth. Furthermore, the snorkel is highly visible to avoid any collisions on the surface (Yes, we have thought of everything here!)

And guess what? It even has a GOPRO Action Camera mount on the top of the snorkel so you can easily record hands-free on your adventure with no worries about holding anything! Capture your amazing memories easily!

Xtreme Mask Features:

  • Equipped with action camera mount on the top of snorkel for GoPros or Equivalent (2016 update)
  • Amazing field of view never seen before with other regular masks!
  • Double air-flow channels structure promote anti-fogging qualities
  • Drain valve design for draining away any excess water
  • Adjustable elastic fabric headband design, suitable for all kinds of head shape (even melons!)
  • Suitable for both adults and kids and a lot safer
  • Material: Premium medical grade liquid silicone and PC
  • Ideal for swimming and snorkeling- please note this is a snorkel and isn't meant for freediving, although it is sufficient for 2-3 metres. It does not have an oxygen store.
  • Lightweight and sturdy and comes with a mesh carry bag
  • NB: Action Camera is not included - Red/Black mask is a slightly different design hence the slightly differing price due to slightly extra for materials, but both are equally great and awesome! It has a slightly bigger snorkel tube, but that is about it.

How to choose the right size?

  1. Measure the distance between nose bridge to bottom of the chin. (Easy peasy!)
  2. If the distance is less than 14 cm or 5.5 inches, Choose Medium. (Smaller Heads)
  3. If the distance is more than 14 cm or 5.5 inches, Choose Large. (Most Adults)
  4. If the child is generally under 8/9 or will not fit the L/M, Choose Small. (Child Size). Please refer to child dimensions below for the XS model.

Adult Dimensions:

Child Dimensions