Self Rescue Bracelet

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More than 8,0000 children drown each year, that data is children alone, if we were to add adults the deaths are exponentially higher.

This Device gives the swimmer a real chance of survival. This self-rescue bracelet had been designed to save lives.

The self-rescue bracelet is the one of the smallestinflatable in the world. It's lightweight at only 139g, so it won't be a burden when swimming. Inflates in 1 second, with such a quick response time, it will be the best device in emergencies. This self-rescue bracelet will be extremely useful in survival situations and unfortunate disasters like the hurricanes we are experiencing. 


Product Specifications 
Material: Aluminum, PVC, 304 Stainless Steel Buckles
Bracelet Length:


Bracelet Weight: 246g
Gas Cylinder Weight: 59g
Package Contents:


1 x Bracelet

2 x Cylinders

1 x Built in Whistle and Compass