Rhombus Glass Wall Vase//Indoor Wall Planters


  • This rhombus shape modern wall planters is handmade with high boron silicon glass. It can be wall hanging with nail applied to wall vase/air plant planter holders for wall decoration/house ornament//housewarming gift

    They will be wonderful on your wall.

    *You only receive empty wall glass and white wall hooks, Please check all of the air bubbles and plastic wrap, look for the wall hangers when open the parcel.

    *Mini wall hanger hooks will be included and you can hang the vase on your wall. The hooks/nail is very small so there is no worry that it will damage your wall.

    Rhombus Terrarium Dimensions:
    Small: Tall approx 6.3 inches; Width approx 4.7 inches; Deep 2 inches
    Large: Tall approx 7 inches; Width 5.5 inches; Deep approx 2 inches;

    NOTE: Plants, moss, and stones are not included.