Pour & Seal Bag Clip


Why didn't someone come up with this before now?!  This bag sealer is one of the best kitchen products we have discovered in a long time!  So clever and easy to use.  Just open any bag with contents you want to keep sealed, then install this simple handy product.

Easy for kids and adults to use. The clear freshness seal is easy to open and close. No more baggie seal stripes to struggle with. Keeps air out and freshness in.  Have this in your pantry, or take on trips and camping, to keep your dry goods safe. A real lifesaver! 

You can even keep in the original packaging with nutritional information or cooking instructions. The wide-opening is great if you need to re-pour food back into the original bag!  

Not only great for food, but also for dry goods like bird seed, pet food, laundry powders, etc..

The uses are endless.  Our customers love it and so will you!  Click Add To Cart To Get It 50% OFF Today