Karat Face Massager

Karat Face Massager stimulates and revives tired, stressed skin. Featuring a unique, 360 degree, multi-angle design, it delivers indoor, solar-derived energy as gentle micro-currents to boost circulation, enhancing firmness and improving tone.

The arched handle allows for a comfortable grip and full control, creating an effortless and enjoyable experience. Its waterproof and portable design makes it ideal for travel and uses while bathing and it never requires plugging in or battery replacement. 



Facial care:roll from top to bottom along with the face outline to firm the skin ofmouth, cheek and face. Focusing on massaging the chin can eliminate the double chin. Do not overexert.

Neck care: hold the handle, roll it back and forth along the shoulder and the back of the neck.

Arm: roll back and forth on the armpit to eliminate the redundant fat.


Chest: roll from the armpit to the middle of thebreast, push back and forth for breast enlargement and shaping.


Waist: Roll on the waist back and forth from top to bottom to eliminate the redundant fat.Roll back and forth from the bottom to the middle of the breast to make the breast firm and with high resilience.


Thigh: roll on the inner side of the thigh.


Hipbone: roll back and forth on the belly along the hipbone to eliminate the fat on the belly.


Shoulder: press the depression under the clavicle to the shape perfect shoulder and neck outline.

Forearm: roll back and forth from the wrist or elbow for the beautiful and strong forearm.


Ankle: from the ankle, roll back and forth on the calves with some pressure.