GymHero™ Barbell Squat Stabilizer

Train Like a Beast!

Every bodybuilder or weight-trainer would love to reap the amazing size-building benefits of properly performed barbell squats without the distraction of a heavily loaded bar digging into his or her neck, traps and shoulders. Now you can.

The answer is the GymHero's Barbell Squat Stabilizer. It snaps to the middle of the bar, and it's shaped to conform to your trap area for a more comfortable squat and a more productive one as well. Because it spreads the weight over more square inches, there is no cutting pain in your shoulders or traps.

Now you can focus on blasting your quads instead of the biting pain in your shoulders and neck. Plus, the bar sits slightly higher on your shoulders which automatically forces you into a more upright position, placing a stronger direct hit on your quads. In addition, the bar doesn't roll; it stays put so you can focus on driving up heavy poundages.

The GymHero's Barbell Squat Stabilizer will give you a whole new perspective on the king of the mass movements and help you produce the quality size and strength you deserve for your sweat and effort in the gym.

"I have poor shoulder mobility and this seems great. Keeps the bar high without pressure on the neck. It's made of a hard rubber, it's flexible but not too soft. Also clips onto the bar and stays in place between sets." - Steven

"Does exactly what I bought it for. Solid product at half the price of others. Hard to beat as far as I'm concerned" - Rodney

" I intended to order a typical spongy pad but ended up ordering this, and was pleasantly surprised. This works much better than any pad I've used. It distributes the weight across your neck shoulders, greatly reducing any pressure in the bar while allowing me to lift more." - Mark Candito