2D Cartoon Style Backpack

This unisex book bag/school bag is absolutely perfect for people who want to stand out with something truly unqiue.

At school, style really does matter. And if you wear a uniform, then your backpack is one of the few opportunities you have to really stand out and get noticed.

This bag will do just that and really is something you have to see in person to fully appreciate. This bag is designed to appear like a cartoon come-to-life and it achieves this with thick black seams that look like dark pen outlines on 2D drawings. The flat colors meanwhile appear almost flat at any angle, which is enough to make people literally double take. Its something truly unique and definitely a conversation starter!

This bag is unisex and comes in a variety of color combinations to complement your style.

As well as looking the part, you can also rest assured that your bag is going to be up to the task of getting you through the day. The canvas material is resilient enough to stand up to tough punishment, while the multiple pockets are highly convenient for daily use.