EZBike Bicycle Brake LED Light

All cyclists understand the inherent dangers of cycling on the road. Even those who employ safe riding techniques may encounter other cyclists or motorists who are not paying attention while on the road.

Hence, we have introduced our new and improved Bicycle Brake Light, which helps to inform other motorists, cyclists and pedestrians that you are employing your brakes.

You will definitely feel much safer riding your bike with the Bicycle Brake Light, as now people around you will be more aware of your presence!

This is also even more important in dim light while cycling at night. Cars or other vehicles cannot see a bicycle in the dark most of the time, so accidents may happen. With our Bicycle Brake Light, you reduce the chance of accidents greatly! When stopping or reducing speed the light will shine in the dark so vehicles will know if your stopping or not.

Our Bicycle Brake Light is a great addition to your bicycle and would make a great and thoughtful gift for your loved ones, and allow them to enjoy the wonders of cycling while keeping safe at all times.


Product Description:

  • Color: Black
  • LED Light: Red
  • Quantity: 1
  • Power: CR1025 Battery (INCLUDED)