Self Rescue Bracelet

More than 8,0000 children drown each year, that data is children alone, if we were to add adults the deaths are exponentially higher.

This Device gives the swimmer a real chance of survival. This self-rescue bracelet had been designed to save lives.

The self-rescue bracelet is the one of the smallestinflatable in the world. It's lightweight at only 139g, so it won't be a burden when swimming. Inflates in 1 second, with such a quick response time, it will be the best device in emergencies. This self-rescue bracelet will be extremely useful in survival situations and unfortunate disasters like the hurricanes we are experiencing. 


Product Specifications 
Material: Aluminum, PVC, 304 Stainless Steel Buckles
Bracelet Length:


Bracelet Weight: 246g
Gas Cylinder Weight: 59g
Package Contents:


1 x Bracelet

2 x Cylinders

1 x Built in Whistle and Compass